Hueston Woods is a bird lovers paradise. Birders come from far and wide to watch and enjoy the variety at the park. It is not an unusual sight to see photographers set up along the marina patiently waiting for the perfect shot of osprey, bald eagles, loons and other water-loving birds. Multiple bird houses can be seen throughout the park.


We are also home to the Hueston Woods Biological Station, operated by the Avian Research and Education Institue

Established in April of 2004, the Hueston Woods Biological Station (HWBS) was the first AREI bird banding station opened. Its location is in a secluded area below the dam of Acton Lake in the Hueston Woods State Park, Preble and Butler Counties, OH. This 10 acre area is comprised of mainly successional woods with marshy and edge areas. We started with just 10 nets, and have expanded to about 40 nets in 2008.  Banding here is weather dependant, as we are outside and exposed to the elements.  If it is too cold, too hot, raining, or windy, we will not band. Keep checking our Calendar for updates. Parking is limited, and the nearest restroom facilities are an uphill walk of about ½ mile. As rough as the site is, it is our favorite place to band.  We discover great diversity here and have recapture records for every year since 2004.  Birds return to this area every year on their way up north to breeding grounds and down south to overwinter. Two Wood Thrushes have been recaptured in the same net, on about the same day of the year, for 3 years straight!  Very cool!

Birds are immediately released after data is collected. 

Audubon Miami Valley Bird Festival

Held each spring at the Hueston Woods Nature Center, the festival includes live bird displays, bird-walks, crafts, music, food concessions and key-note speakers. Sponsored by Audubon Miami Valley
The Bird Festival is a FREE, FAMILY FUN event that you won't want to miss.