200 Preserved Acres of Virgin Forest

Hueston Woods is a tiny remnant of the beech-maple forest that once stretched in a broad band from southwestern Ohio to its northeastern corner.

This forest type is dominated by the ghostly gray trunks of beech trees along with varying proportions of sugar maple, red and white oaks, and white ash.

The quantity and variety of species vary according to the wetness and slope of the ground and other environmental factors. In Hueston Woods, beech trees form nearly 44 percent of the canopy, sugar maples make up 28 percent and white ashes 19 percent.

During the spring, the forest floor is blanketed with a luxuriant display of wildflowers including dutchman's breeches, squirrel corn, large-flowered and sessile trilliums, may-apple, bloodroot and several species of violets and buttercups.

Located in Preble/Butler counties within Hueston Woods State Park on the west side of Acton Lake.

Lat/Long Coordinates
N39 34.457'
W084 45.684'

Special Features

  • Old-growth woods

  • Home of the annual Hueston Woods Maple Syrup Festival

  • Excellent spring wildflowers

  • American Discovery Trail runs through the Nature Preserve

  • Three parking lots and a 3-mile trail system